Zauberfrau Ellika Linden

Zauberfrau Ellika Linden

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Interview mit Zauberfrau Ellika Linden (2014, 2015 & 2016)

I moved to a community in Kopenhagen because I wanted to live closer to the earth and with people and don`t use so much stuff. Live simpel. And that was `79. And I met Story `84. And my community is very big. It`s still there. And an honor-kissed community. And I`ve learned so much by being there. Because its really wild. And then I went to Story`s community and it was different. It was more checked and more, we listened to each other more and we had…it was very different. But much much smaller.

And I also wanted to live closer to people thats why I moved to the community. Not only to the earth.

I wanted to say that we have…in old Europe we had Circles too. Where I come from, from the Island. I come from the stonecircles, where people met and talked about things. And also in Germany there are stonecirlces, and Ireland. You know, we used to live in circles but we lost it much earlier then they did in North-America. So its for us to come back.

Thats why I think when we sit in a circle there is something inherit that we feel, “WoW”. Many people say, I feel at home here. Something happens in the circle. And we experience it very often in the circles in the prisons. That people talk how they never talked before. They say things they are astonished about because the power of us all together gets the spirit up. That when there is respect in a circle that it has its own power. And thats very beautiful.

And I think its not easy. When Story talks its sounds so easy. Because I think it might be difficult to do this. But to live in the society in lonely famliy or lonely in a appartement is not easy either. So this is the better way.

It will be hard because we were not growing up in a circle. So there is a lot of things to learn but the children who grow up in a circle has a different outlook. And they bring with them the knowledge. In Christiania we have kids who were small when they came to the circle. And now they know it in their bodys. They know it in the blood what it means. Even if we in Christiania don`t live in a circle. But they have that openess to others and to take care of others and awareness. And thats—it will take time.

We meet people all the time who say there is a need now. There is a really deep need for many people that they are not satisfied with their lifes now.

There is no time for them to be alive, to be really alive and experience that venture of being alive. They feel like they are like this…and they are not happy. You look in the street people are stressed and unhappy. There is not a life. Its not a life when you produce and produce and produce and you have to go there and there and then all the time. So there is a need in our days. To feel closer to the earth and closer to each other.

He is really wonderful. When I heared it first, I said oh, no. Not one more jump people. Because when we traveled before, we traveled by train. And I love train. And with car you polute and all that. And I thought oh, we have so little time when we can relaxe and be ourselves. And then we have to relay a third person all the time.

Because I always wanted to take care of people. And I want everybody to be happy. But then we met Simon and it workes beautifully because he is a part of us. I still don`t like the car but I like him. And I really like how he plays with the kids and starts to councel and gets into everything. He is really very wonderful. And he is so eager to learn.

I don`t know what love is. I don`t know. I somethimes think what is it? But I can feel love but I can`t analyze it and say what it is. Its something you feel when you get close to somebody and understand somebody. Something you feel when you get close to flowers or a tree or something. Something that binds us together. I can feel love for story when I see him coming walking. See him from the back, coming walking over the meadow. Its, oh, thats sweet.

And I can feel love for when I see the children. Even when people are hurting its easy to feel love for them. Because I think when we can be open with each other and really share from deep inside, even that things we really are afraid to share because we would be punished or people wouldn`t love us anymore or or like us anymore, we would be thrown away somewhere. When we dare to share those feelings and those thoughts its so easy to love. Because then we understand each other. Everybody understands each other when we share on that level.

I remember how it was when I was young and thought that nobody would love and like me. If they would really knew what I was thinking you know and some actions I did. Its so wonderful to see that its not true. And its wonderful for people to discover that, that they are excepted and loved even if they have all those thoughts and feelings that are not good. They call it bad thoughts or sometimes they say its bad spirit or something.

And its only old hurts. It made so much sense to me the first time I heared that. That when people act in a bad way for others and for themselves, its because they are hurt. They only tell how they were hurt. But nobody understands that. Nobody listens to them because they get afraid or angry or upset, irritated. But if we understand that, that when people are acting in a bad way they are only showing how they were hurt. And some people are so far gone into that, that they can`t feel anything anymore.

Because they were not allowed to show their feelings and share theire feelings when they were young. When that happens there is alway hope. And its alway possible to love each other and even yourself, sometimes. Thats the hard thing. I don`t know.


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